You know, when you think of a cake, it immediately comes to mind that there is something to celebrate, and it is just like that. Giving someone in lagos, Nigeria a cake for a birthday, anniversary or graduation is a superb idea that never gets old! While there are standard cake options available, you can take it a step further by customizing based on the recipient’s preferences e.g colors, design, interests.


Want to make an important announcement like promotion at work, baby gender reveal? A cake is an excellent introduction – Not only do you get to share the good news in style, you get to add some sweet edible fluffiness to it.


Buying a cake as a gift or a special occasion is a bit something everyone does, but what if there is nothing to celebrate? Then a gift cake would turn into a real surprise.
For example, you could buy a cake to take your partner by the throat or show your parents that you appreciate them and if you do it when they least expect it, the WOW effect is guaranteed.

4) To apologize

More or less we all found ourselves in an uncomfortable situation and not knowing how to fix it. Here, if you want to apologize to someone, in addition to buying flowers, you could buy a cake/cupcake as a gift. Maybe having it delivered at home or office with an apology ticket, so those who receive it will be even more astonished.

5) To be close to someone even if far away

Very often, when you live far from the city where relatives and friends live, you miss a lot of beautiful moments and special occasions, the good news is that you can make your presence felt through a gift that in this case could be just a nice cake!