Guide to Ordering Cakes Online – Step by Step Instructions

Need a delicious cake for your special occasion? Ordering online can be intimidating but with our guide, you’ll have a simple and stress-free experience. Learn the tips and tricks to make selecting the right size, flavor, and delivery options a breeze!

Select a Sizing Option.

Start by choosing a size for your cake. Most bakeries offer round cakes in sizes ranging from 6″ to 14″. At zuzu’s delights we offer 8 – 10 inches. Consider how many people will be eating the cake and select an appropriate size to serve. As a rule of thumb, an 8″ round cake can typically feed 8-10 people while a 10″ one serves 15-20. Check with our rep on whatsapp if you’re unsure about which size to choose – they’ll be able to help you determine the best option for your order

Choose Your Type of Cake.

After you have chosen the cake size and number of layers, it’s time to decide on the type of cake you would like. Do you prefer a classic buttercream frosted cake? A unique drip cake? Or something more sophisticated like whipped cream frosted? Research the various types of cakes available online so you can make an informed decision about which one fits your style and occasion best. Click on the link below to browse and order cakes from our selections – Affordable CakesStandard Cakes

Pick Your Favorite Flavor Combo.

Don’t forget that the main attraction of a cake is its delicious taste! Most bakeries offer standard flavor combinations and specialty recipes like vegan, gluten-free and no-sugar options. Choose your favorite flavor from our bakery’s list of options – Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet 0r design your own custom cake. Have fun with it – you can even opt for multiple flavors in one cake to please everyone at the celebration.


Decide On Toppings (Optional).

Toppings such as fruits, cookies or choc can be a great way to personalize your cake. Consider the event theme, colors and tastes you want to incorporate when deciding on a topping style. Fruit toppings are popular for birthday cakes, while glazes and ganache are tastier options. 

Provide Delivery Information and Make Payment.

Finally, checkout by providing your payment information and shipping or pickup details. At, you are able to purchase a cake online using a debit card, credit card, PayPal account or other digital methods. Once your cake is placed with the bakery and paid for in full, we will send a confirmation email and notification after delivery